Not your average Supergirl

Power Girl
30 December
Quote(s): "You can call me Power Girl... It's as good a name as any other and it won't confuse me with my cousin. His name you already know... It's Superman."

"I may be Superman's cousin, but I'm not his carbon copy! I'm my own woman!"

"Power comes from self-reliance... and dignity."

"This costume only shows what I am. Female. Healthy. And strong. If men want to degrade themselves by staring and drooling and tripping over themselves. That's their problem. I'm not going to apologize for it."

"At times it can be very difficult making sense of this world and its ways, but the variety it offers excites me. I want to feel like I belong on this planet and being around people my age, with super-powers, makes the adjustment that much easier." (signed) Karen Starr (Power Girl)

Power Girl (real name Kara Zor-L, a.k.a. Karen Starr) is a 5 feet 7 inch, naturally large chested (G-cup) super heroine in the DC Universe. She has blue eyes and is a natural blonde. She bears some resemblance to the actress Marilyn Monroe. Some pictures show her with a small beauty mark on the left cheek of her face.

Power Girl is best known as a member of the Justice Society of America, and has also been a member of the Justice League. From 2007 through most of 2009, she was the Chairwoman/Team Leader of the Justice Society of America from Justice Society of America #4 through issue #33. Power Girl and various other members of the group then divided into two groups. As of JSA All-Stars #1, Power Girl is now part of the new superhero training team calling themselves JSA All-Stars.

Her current team name is an homage to the first comic she appeared in decades ago. Power Girl first appeared in All-Star Comics #58 in January/February 1976, and was created by Wally Wood, Gerry Conway, and Ric Estrada in 1975. From the start in All Star Comics she has been a buxom tough girl known for her sassy and direct approach to problem solving. And of course is most known outside of comics for having the biggest breasts (G-cups) of any female hero in the DC Universe.

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Physical appearance: Power Girl was originally conceived as being a beautiful, big breasted (G-cups), incredibly powerful girl, with a bob of blonde hair and a form-fitting white costume with chest-window. And while possessing a human appearance, at the cellular level, she is quite different than humans.

Power Girl is built like an Amazonian. She's a Kryptonian super woman who is even more voluptuous than her role model the very womanly (DD-cup) Wonder Woman. Next to friends like the Birds of Prey: Black Canary (D-cups), the Huntress (C-cups), and Oracle (B-cups), her G-cups will look very large. Of course she's not supposed to be a petite woman like Supergirl or most of the other females in the universe. Power Girl's busty looks and brash character were meant to be in deliberate contrast to her alternate universe counterpart Supergirl's more innocent appearance and attitude. One things for certain, unlike the two versions of Superman from Earth 1 and Earth 2, your never be confused about which is Supergirl and who is Power Girl.

Costume: Low-cut form-fitting white bodysuit with long sleeves with stirrup hands, mock turtleneck, high cut legs with a wide, shallow oval hole positioned at center chest. Blue elbow gloves, blue boots, a loose fitting red slip-on hip belt with a gold oval belt buckle, and a long gold silky rope at neckline with disk gold medallion on left shoulder, made to be worn across the chest under right arm. Red cape, fastened at the left collarbone by the medallion.

Real name: Kara Zor-L

Notable aliases: Kara of Atlantis, Karen Steele, Karen Starr (JSA set her up with the alias Karen Starr and a social security number.)

Not So Secret Identity: Karen Starr
Super Hero Code Name: Power Girl
Nightwing (After Infinite Crisis, Kara for a period of time became Kandor's Nightwing as seen in Supergirl #6.) She returned back to her Power Girl persona soon afterward.

Nickname(s): Buxom Flying Lass, Blonde Powerhouse, Buxom Heroine, G-cup Goddess, Girl of Power, Kryptonian Bombshell, Mistress of Might, Peege/Peegee, PG, Power, Power Woman, Super Bombshell, Superman's Cousin, Super Woman, The Woman of Steel, Woman of Power

Place of Birth: City of Kandor, Krypton of the Earth-Two Universe

Legal Status: Power Girl is formerly a citizen of the planet Krypton-Two, formerly a citizen of Earth-Two. From 1986 to 2006, she was a legally recognized alien living in the USA, on the modern Post-Crisis Earth, aka Earth Post-Crisis/Earth-One, or denoted as Earth-2 by the Lex Luthor of Earth-1 from the Anti-Matter Universe in JLA: Earth 2. As of Infinite Crisis #6 in 2006, after the destruction of Alexander Luthor's Multiverse Tower in the Infinite Crisis, the parallel Earths that had been created merged into a new single Earth, tentatively named "New Earth." New Earth became the core existence for all surviving heroes and villains in the DC Universe. On New Earth, Power Girl is a legally recognized alien living in New York, as a member of the Justice Society of America. (Note: Due to the events of 52, there are now 52 alternate realities. New Earth aka Earth-0 is still the main reality, but are Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-51 and others that have many heroes and villains. Some are similar to those that existed before Crisis of Infinite Earths, and perhaps have many duplicate copies of characters. It's unclear if there is not also a larger Mega-verse with even more Universe's outside of the 52.)

Year Born on Earth-Two: 1915 (She was born around the same time as the Golden Age Superman Kal-L. And like him, as a baby she left the doomed planet of Krypton in a spaceship, only her's took 60 years to finally arrive on Earth-Two in the year 1975.)

Age: 26 (Actual age and aging process is indeterminate. On her journey from Krypton, she aged at about 1/3 the rate than those on Earth. So in the 60 years it took her Symbioship to travel to Earth, she aged only about 18 years. And due to the effects of the Earth's yellow sun on her Kryptonian body, she does not age like mortal humans. Since 1975 she has aged only a handful of years. The first writing team for the Power Girl series says they see her as around 26 or 27 years old. Thus she keeps her young and vibrant appearance over the decades. Like Superman, Supergirl, & all other Kryptonian's on Earth. As long as she is under the effects of the yellow sun, barring death by unnatural means, she could live many human lifetimes.)

Height: 5 ft 7" (Originally was about 6ft tall. And has been drawn as the same size or slightly taller than Wonder Woman, which would make her over 6ft, but lately has been drawn as 5 ft 7 inches.)

Weight: 140 lbs (Varies based on height and bust size. When was drawn around 6ft tall, she weighted between 160-180 lbs. More lately is drawn as 5' 7", and not as bulky in muscle mass, so weighs between 135 to 145 lbs.)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Body Density: Between Diamond and Promethium

Measurements: 34G-24-34 inch (Similar to British model Michelle Marsh.)

Bra Size: 34G (Note: Like her height and weight, bust size varies from one comic artist to another. She was drawn with very large G-cup breasts from the start by her original creator Wally Wood. Then was watered down during the 1980's, and eventually came back to her original buxom size in the 1990's. Depending on the artist, her bust size varies anywhere from D to H-cup. Of late, PG is consistently drawn with G-cups on various covers, including the Power Girl Paperback, and on the covers of her new comic Power Girl #1 through #24. Likewise, she is always shown to be more buxom than all the other female heroes in the DC Universe. Some artists draw her out of character by portraying her with a smaller chest. But most artists stay true to the character. Examples include from the first on-panel appearance, til the most recent flashback to her origin story in Power Girl #1 showing her parents placing Kara in a space ship as a baby. Then showing the ship crash landed on Earth revealing her as an attractive 18 year old Kryptonian with a G-cup chest. Therefore she's a naturally well-endowed Earth-Two Kryptonian women; an orphaned alien from another universe who is not meant to represent modern female human standards of beauty. She is stigmatized, stereotyped, mocked, and insulted due to her looks. Yet her larger than average breast size doesn't change the fact that she's a Super Women with a heart of gold that always tries to do what's right. She treats everyone with dignity and respect regardless of what they look like. Just as she is non-judgmental and tolerant of differences. Kara deserves to be judged based on her deeds of heroism, not on her gender, race, or physical appearance.)

Educational Background: Symbioship brought Kara to Earth. As she grew, it created synthetic memories of people and places, teaching her along the way. Thus she was given a full Kryptonian education. Yet the 60-year journey brought the teenager to Earth inadequately prepared for society. Wonder Woman's Memory Teacher provided an instantaneous background in Earth-style computers.

Employment Background: Software Specialist for a Gotham Computer Corporation; later a Software Engineer, and Founder/CEO of StarrWARE. Founder of the Starr Foundation (an organization intended to help orphaned children. As of Power Girl #1 (July 2009), she has bought back her company, so is now again CEO of Starrware Labs on New Earth aka Earth-0. Only now her company is focused not on making software, but on bio-engineering, nano-technology, and creating new advanced technology to improve the human condition.)

Occupation: Superhero. From 2007 to late 2009, she was the Chairwoman of the Justice Society of America. In 2009 she once again has a secret identity, and as Karen Starr now runs her own high tech bio-engineering company with aims of helping humanity fight pollution, disease, and other problems around the world. Also with the separation of the Justice Society of America into two groups, PG is no longer Chairwoman of the JSA, but is still taking a leadership role as part of the new super-team that trains the new generation of heroes using the name JSA All-Stars.

Place of Residence: New York. Was the upper west side of Manhattan in a 4th floor apartment the JSA set her up with. Then she got a place in Brooklyn, NY, not to far from her Starware Labs. Although Karen spent most of her time at the JSA Headquarters in Battery Park, New York. Until it got destroyed that is. As of late 2009, the new temporary headquarters for the JSA All-Stars is in Upstate New York, at her Star-K Ranch, maintained by Hourman's father, the original Hourman.

Religion: Methodist/Raoist (Has adopted the same religion as Clark Kent and the rest of the Kent family, which is Methodist. On Krypton her family was Raoist. Rao is the dominant religion on Krypton, and a Kryptonian-based belief system centered on monotheistic philosophy.)

Base of Operations: Formerly Justice Society of America Headquarters - Battery Park, New York. As of JSA ALL-STARS #1 (Feb. 2010), the new temporary headquarters for the JSA All-Stars is in Upstate New York, at her Star-K Ranch, maintained by Hourman's father, the original Hourman.

Marital Status: Single

Fighting Style: Grappling, & Wrestling

Rogue Gallery of Villains:
Pre Crisis 1976-1985 (Earth-Two): Brainwave, Per Degaton, Darkseid, Zanadu (a villain from Mu and Lemuria. Post-Crisis is a mystic and calls himself a Lord of Chaos); Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast (30th Century), Mordru (30th Century), Psycho Pirate, The Wizard, Frederic Vaux (agent of Chaos gods), The Spirit King, The Thinker, The Horseman of Plague (one of the Four Horsemen), The Adjudicator, Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Earth-Three UltraMan, SuperWomen, Owlman, and Johnny Quick); Maaldor the Darklord; Sargon the Sorceror; Solomon Grundy, & the Anti-Monitor

Post Crisis 1985-present (Earth-One; As of 2006: New Earth): Ultra-Humanite, Maaldor, Surtur, Crime Syndicate (Antimatter Universe - UltraMan, SuperWomen, Owlman), Azzy, Garn Daanuth, Pyro, Scarabus; Weaver, Pythia, Gray Man (Lords of Order and Chaos); Dr. Polaris, Mordru, Psycho Pirate, Clayface, Giganta, Solomon Grundy, Mister Mind, Lex Luthor
(Note: are too many villians to name, but operating out of New York, Gotham City, and Metropolis, as well as globally, she has the same DC universe villians of JLA, JSA, Aquaman, Batman, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Supergirl, Superman, & Wonder Woman.)

Love interests/Relationships: Andrew Vinson (Earth-Two human, Gotham Globe reporter), Firestorm (Earth-Two - Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond & Professor Martin Stein), Sylvester Pemberton (Star-Spangled Kid, Skyman), Harold "Hal" Jordan (Green Lantern II, Spectre), Will Payton (Starman), Cliff Steele (Robotman), Pel Tavin (The Emerald Knight), Aquaman (Earth-One), Ted Kord (Earth-One, 2nd Blue Beetle), Wildcat (Earth-One), Robin (Earth-Two), Hawkman (Earth-0), Dr. Pieter Anton Cross (Dr. Mid-Nite of Earth-0), Vartox (Earth-0)

Affiliations: All-Stars, Justice Society of America, The Supergirls, Superman Family/Team Superman (will team up with or help out either Superman & any of her good alternate version Supergirl cousins)

Previous affiliations/associations: Super Squad, Infinity, Inc., Justice League (Amazons, Atlantis, Europe, International, & America), Superbuddies, Sovereign 7, Suicide Squad, & Oracle/Birds of Prey
Other affiliations: Helps out heros like Aquaman, Batman, Oracle, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, The Green Lantern, The Huntress, Wonder Woman, ect as needed.

Notable relatives: Clark Kent/Kal-L (Earth-Two Superman, cousin & adoptive father, deceased), Lois Lane-Kent (Earth-Two adoptive mother, deceased), Zor-L (Krypton-Two father, deceased), Allura (Krypton-Two mother, deceased), Jor-L (Krypton-Two uncle, deceased), Lora (Krypton-Two aunt, deceased), Clark Kent/Kal-El (Superman, Earth-One cousin), UltraMan (Earth-Three/Antimatter Universe evil version of Superman, cousin), Arion (Earth-One magically adoptive grandfather), Equinox (Earth-One son), Kara Zor-El (Earth-One/New Earth/Earth-0 Supergirl, alternate universe version of herself.), Powerboy (Given a male version of her costume and named after her by Darkseid. The teenage New God was genetically enhanced by Darkseid with the DNA of her and other super beings, giving the 15 year old abused boy similar powers to her and a permanent Powergirl like blonde streak in his dark hair.)

Strengths: The G-Cup Beauty has all the same Kryptonian Super-Powers as Supergirl and Superman. She is compassionate, kind, honest, trustworthy, loyal to friends, quick to give assistance, works well within a team, & usually handles pressure well.

Notable powers: As a native of Krypton, on Earth Kara's Kryptonian genetic makeup gives her super human powers from exposure to yellow solar rays and the effect of Earth's reduced gravity. Similar to the powers of Superman or Supergirl. Solar Energy Absorption. Flight, incalculable super-speed (although not as fast as The Flash), super-strength, super-breath and lung capacity (including the ability to create hurricane force winds by blowing, and to chill her breath to freeze a target), limited invulnerability, super-hearing, super-ventriloquism (throw her voice great distances to communicate with others), super-mimic (able to impersonate human voices or animal sounds), super-vision powers (including x-ray vision, heat vision, telescopic vision and microscopic vision), and various other sensory powers (Including electro-magnetic spectrum vision - the ability to see, hear and feel the entire electromagnetic spectrum), photographic memory, & heightened mental faculties (super-speed to learn and comprehend vast amounts of knowledge). The G-Cup Kryptonian can lift incredible weights and objects and not have them collapse under their own weight, which indicates a powerful form of telekinesis that surrounds the object protecting it from external stresses.

The upper limit to PG's physical strength is not known but with the telekinetic lifting capabilities possessed by her, she could conceivably lift objects weighing 100,000 tons or more. Extremes of heat and cold have no effect on her. Continuous exposure to a yellow sun seems to maximize her powers and allow her to keep her vigor as she ages at a very slow rate. Her body also stores energy within her bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to her body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of Power Girl's electromagnetic capabilities such as flight, telekinesis, and heat vision. It also supplements her physical strength by a factor of several thousand times or so.

Weaknesses: Some are prejudiced, intolerant, mean spirited, and biased against Power Girl due to her naturally large G-cup breasts. And psychologically, due to being stuck in an enclosed spaceship for 60 years, she has a deep fear of enclosed spaces. She likewise becomes very scared and upset if restrained or prevented from moving. Also Kryptonite from the Krypton-Two Universe or Kryptonite of a similar nature can kill her. Also without constant exposure to yellow solar energy, her strength seems on par for a human of her height and weight. Powers come from the Earth's yellow sun, so the lack of sun would weaken her, and a long period without it would leave her powerless. Her x-ray vision cannot penetrate lead or lead-lined walls. Kryptonian super-powers are driven from her by the radioactive remnants of her home world, Green Kryptonite. The initial effects of Green-K weakens the body but a longer exposure to Green-K will cause Kryptonite poisoning and ultimately death. If removed from the area before this happens, the pain eases and her strength and powers would return.

Red Kryptonite always has an unpredictable affect on Kryptonians. Since Power Girl is an alternate version of Supergirl, it can be expected that both would be similarly effected by Red-K. Examples of how Supergirl was affected by Red-K are as follows: turning into an adult Superwoman, splitting into two people, one the "evil" Satan Girl, getting amnesia, and gaining the power to see through lead. Yet the affects of exposure are only temporary and usually pass within one to 48 hours.

Gold Kryptonite is rare, and fortunately so, since exposure to it robs a Kryptonian of their super-powers for 30 minutes, which would leave her powerless and vulnerable to harm. Blue Kryptonite has no effect on Power Girl, only on Bizarro imperfect duplicates.

If Power Girl passes too close to a red sun, she would lose her powers. She also loses her powers under a green sun. But retains her powers in an orange-sun system and under a hotter blue-white sun her powers would be increased.

At one point or another she has been vulnerable to everything from kryptonite to raw materials. And once she had her powers greatly reduced from cosmic levels to more golden age superman levels of leaping tall buildings, ect (though recently is back to modern Superman/Supergirl cosmic levels again).

PG is extremely vulnerable to magic. The Super Busty Beauty can be hypnotized or brainwashed, especially if Kryptonite is used or if the hypnotizing is done by a fellow super-being. Thus magic can affect and hurt her. She has no defense against magical energies and spells. Also is weaker or more prone to harm against magical creatures such as vampires & werewolf's.

On occasion her powers go wonky or may not be able to control them. For example physical contact and close proximity to Supergirl (her alternate universe self) can cause Power Girl to lose control of her abilities. It is suggested that the effect is similar to what might occur if two copies of the same object try to occupy the same point in space.

Note that as of Infinite Crisis #7, it has been positively shown that the Kryptonite available in the mainstream DC Universe, ie Earth-One, now New Earth, doesn't affect Kryptonians from other universes, such as Power Girl, Kal-L, or Superboy-Prime.

In terms of personality, The G-Cup Powerhouse is very impatient, stubborn, and short-tempered. She is easily annoyed, and quick to anger. PG can be taunted or manipulated into doing things she doesn't want to, or into fighting. Is also viewed as arrogant, and overbearing by those that don't really know her. Is capable of snap judgments before having all the facts, acting out before thinking. And has a tendency to be especially hard on men. Especially when they act like rude, immature, juvenile boys.

Stated Ambitions: To learn to adapt, adjust, and live happily in the entirely alien world of Earth.

Power Girl is a strong woman. Her figure represents this very well. While not the tallest female superhero, she's one of the larger one. Power Girl's costume changes every so often, such as the opening of her shirt near her breasts and her belt varies from artists to artists. She wore a gold costume once.

Her latest costume is very similar to the original costume designed in 1976, which is a white form-fitting costume with blue boots/gloves, red belt with gold buckle, red cape, and a circle shaped hole over her chest where the S would be on a Superman costume. The costume has a similar red, white, and blue color scheme as her Superman idol, except with more emphasis on the white than the red & blue. Her hair cut also changes with the time. But is most recently shoulder length to longer blonde.

The character feels like she doesn't fit in due to being from another world. With no real memory of her past, above all else she wants to find out who she really is and where she belongs.

Power Girl is involved with some deep issues in regards to how Earth's humans and her fellow superheroes view her physical appearance. Unlike just about all other comic-book super heroines, Power Girl is aware that she has large breasts (G-cups), and aware that everyone judges her based on them. She's often angry, or annoyed about it, but not ashamed of it. Kara can't help the way she looks, and certainly isn't gonna let any ones stupid stereotypes or cultural bias about beauty or women's status in society define her.

PG is very much written as a feminist, often resenting the sexist and rude attitude of men towards her. She wants to be seen for more than just her looks. Regardless of what anyone thinks, being from Krypton, she has an extremely high IQ. Although growing up socially isolated, devoid of any real social interactions, she has difficulty even with the most basic human interactions. So instead of trying to solve problems with her intellect, PG usually takes the more direct approach of using violence to resolve any problem. So she really isn't very good at reacting to insults or criticism. PG's very short tempered and moody temperament (especially when she drinks diet cola), makes her prone to violence when she's angry. And has one of the most aggressive fighting styles in the DC verse. So she really isn't someone you wanna piss off.

As originally created, Power Girl was Kara Zor-L, the cousin of the golden age Superman of the parallel world of Earth-Two (and thus, she was her Earth's counterpart of Supergirl). When the Earth-Two universe's Krypton was about to explode, Kara's father Zor-L (brother of Superman's father) launched her as an infant to Earth in a ship at the same time that Kal-L's ship was launched; however, Kara's ship took a much longer journey, resulting in her arriving on Earth in the 1970s, decades after her cousin. Unlike Kal-L's ship, Zor-L constructed her ship (or "Symbioship", as it was called) to hold Kara in stasis through the longer journey. In addition, the ship's artificial intelligence with the life experiences and education of a Kryptonian in the form of a virtual reality wherein she interacted with virtual copies of her parents and fellow Kryptonians. By the time she crash landed on Earth, Kara was a busty blonde 19 year-old girl. (Post-Crisis, as referenced in JSA Classified, her initial age has been revised to about eighteen.) Superman found her crashed spacecraft, and the two cousins quickly bonded.

Having been raised by the Symbioship with artificial Kryptonian life experiences, Power Girl had trouble fitting into life on Earth, but eventually adopted the secret identity of a super intelligent computer programmer named Karen Starr; after she obtained sufficient knowledge in this field from treatment under Wonder Woman's purple ray on Paradise Island. She never wore a mask or other disguise between her two identities and, at some point, her identity was revealed to the public.

Unlike her counterpart Supergirl, Power Girl's existence was not disclosed to the general public until much later, as her cousin Clark Kent and his wife Lois provided her a family environment, treating her like their real daughter, and doing all they could to assist her transition towards a more normal life on Earth. Superman wasn't just a father figure to her, but also a role model. Superman informed Kara of her vast powers and abilities. And like Superman, she wanted to follow in his foot steps to use her super powers for the good of humanity. So she adopted the identity of Power Girl, and became one of Earth's newest and most powerful super-heroes. Her first recorded case was assisting the Justice Society members Flash and Wildcat in containing an artificially induced volcano which had erupted in China. She then joined them and other younger heroes Robin and Star-Spangled Kid to form a Super Squad along with then active members of the Justice Society to defeat Brainwave and Per Degaton's scheme for world domination. With her cousin's clout and sponsorship, Power Girl became a full member of the legendary Justice Society of America. Superman said he could retire knowing that he was leaving the Earth in good hands.

Along with two other younger members of the JSA, Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid, the trio was shortly known as The Super Squad. But despite her involvement in other activities, Power Girl emerged as one of the JSA's most active and respected members.

Power Girl always made her presence known, even speaking her mind to such veteran heroes as The Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. The G-Cup Woman of Power, also formed a close friendship with The Huntress, who was the daughter of the recently deceased Batman and Catwoman.

Power Girl was one of the shining superstars protecting the cosmos. Along with the likes of Black Lightning, Firestorm, Mister Miracle, and Zatanna the Magician, she was one of the new prototypes for "modern super-heroes".

In 1983, a powerful god-like being named Maaldor is bored since he has no real challenges and therefore seeks amusement. He deems and seeks out the two most powerful beings in the Multiverse: Superman (Earth-One) and Power Girl (Earth-Two). Maaldor tells them that if they don't entertain him, he'll order the deaths of trillions of beings. Both agree and then find themselves in a combat arena. Maaldor makes creatures who have decimated entire worlds appear and the super cousins dispatch them quickly.

Maaldor then leaps into the arena and Power Girl takes him on, but hurts her hand when she punches him. He then turns some eye beams on her and she falls, wracked with pain. She apparently dies.

This sends Superman into a frenzy and he lectures Maaldor on his evilness at the same time he's going mano a mano with him. For the first time, Maaldor has to struggle, but as he is about to kill Superman with his sword, PG kidney-punches him, saying she was just severely stunned. A final punch from Superman stuns Maaldor long enough to listen to Superman's lecture and a challenge to him to face the evil within himself. But when Maaldor does so, the evil of Maaldor consumes the being, imploding within his own energy to create a new dimension of madness that Superman and Power Girl seal before returning back to Earth-One and Earth-Two respectfully (DCCP No. 56, Apr 1983: "Death in a Dark Dimension!")

On Earth-Two, Power Girl remained a key hero, and even gave a measure of credibility to Infinity Inc., a group she joined that was made up of the sons, daughters, and super-powered apprentices of JSA members. But that reality of her as one of the main champions of the universe came to a bitter end in 1985 due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superman and Power Girl played a major role during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But despite her best efforts, Power Girl's reality, along with the Multiverse was ultimately obliterated. Five realities survived, but were merged into one new reality combining their histories, with Earth-One having predominance in conflicting points. This meant her beloved Superman and other loved ones existences were wiped from the memory of the people they saved. Yet unknown to her Clark was joined by his wife Lois, Alexander Luthor, Jr. and the Earth-Prime Superboy, to survive the destruction by going inside a pocket paradise dimension from which there was supposedly no return; to reopen that gateway would risk destroying all creation.

With the erasing of her universe from existence, her background as the cousin/protegé of Superman and one of the greatest heroes in the history of the universe was retconned. Somehow she survived the canceling out of all the other Earth's leaving only the Earth-One universe. She found herself an outsider, residing in a reality not her own. A reality in which she was made to believe that she was Kara, the grand-daughter of the Atlantean sorcerer Arion; Arion was a magical being who mainly operated when the world was young and Atlantis had not yet sunk. And Kara had a brother named Khater (later reincarnated as Hawkman). When her parents had died after she was born, Arion chose to perform certain experiments on the girl. He genetically altered Kara to have super powers and magical powers. Arion believed there was a great war coming between light and dark and threw Kara, he was going to create a champion to win that fight. Arion used the essence of the magical villain Scarabus to empower his granddaughter. Then placed Kara into suspended animation and sent her into the future to save her from his evil brother Garn Danuuth. Over 45,000 years, Kara aged about 18 years while unconscious, and emerged in the 20th century as a 19-year-old girl at the time when it would be safe for her to eventually give birth to the champion. (Secret Origins #11) Arion had likewise given her false memories which made her believe she had come from Krypton and that she was Superman's cousin, thinking this would lead Superman to protect her. She later reconnected with Arion, who was still alive and living in New York. (Arion #6, JL Quarterly #13). Despite her new found apparent history as an ancient magical child of Atlantis. Confusingly she not only had the memories of being from Krypton, but had the same super powers and weaknesses of Superman. Which called into question if Arion was being honest with her, or was just using her for his own purposes, ie as a super body to bring forth his champion.

Despite her confusion about her past, and where she really belonged. She still saw herself as a hero. So, in the late 1980s, Power Girl joined the Justice League (the Justice Society having been disbanded in the interim), and, while a member of Justice League Europe, she was mortally wounded by a mystical being named Grey Man. She would have died if Superman had not personally assisted in her medical treatment, using his heat-vision to allow surgery to be performed on her otherwise-invulnerable tissues. Although she survived, she was significantly weaker and lost her super-hearing & vision powers, and could not fly for a time.

It was around this time that she had a romantic relationship with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. When she became pregnant it was first thought that Hal was the father. But was later confirmed that the baby was magically created via immaculate conception. Having something to do with Arion's prophecy that she would someday bring forth a great champion of light. She gave birth to the mystical boy during the Zero Hour Crisis. While others were terrified of time-rips and time-vortexes happening around them, Kara's baby was able to cast a force field around him and his mom. Her son aged at a accelerated rate. After his birth, PG and the child ran into the boy's father, the evil Scarabus and had to be saved by the JLA and Arion (JLA #93 & 94). Soon afterward the kid went off on his own, and showed up again, now a grown-up. He called himself Equinox and killed Scarabus before once again leaving to never be seen again.(Justice League America 105-108).

When Oracle was looking for fallen heroines to rebuild, she first picked the oft struggling and self-doubting Power Girl, as field operative, to form the first "Birds of Prey." On her last mission with Oracle, when faced with saving a cruise ship of passengers or protecting an important dignitary from assassination, the mission gone horribly wrong and many people lost their lives. This caused PG great feelings of guilt and regret. And she considers this failed mission and the loss of all those lives one of her greatest failures as a heroine. And seriously damaged her relationship with Oracle. (Birds of Prey #42) Though over time they have basically worked things out and apologize for their failures. Despite their rocky past working relationship, Power Girl if called upon to use her super brawn to help the Birds of Prey will aid Black Canary, Huntress, and Oracle however possible. Though the Buxom Beauty will never want to be an official member of Birds of Prey again.

When the Justice Society re-formed in the late 1990s, Power Girl realizing that she works better in a team where all the responsibility didn't fall on her to be the sole hero. So when at the request of Black Canary (who left the JSA to join Oracle as her new field operative forming a successful Birds of Prey), PG took Canary's place and joined the JSA as a key member (JSA #31).

In JSA #32, her back story as a descendant of Arion was called into question. Dr. Mid-Nite did tests and determined that her powers were not magical in nature and pointed out how stupid it sounded for Arion to send his granddaughter several millenia into an unknown future to protect her when he was such a powerful sorcerer. In JSA #50, Arion himself admitted to having deceived PG for her protection at the request of her mother (later revealed to be her adoptive mother Earth-2 Lois Lane-Kent, who somehow asked Earth-1 Arion to alter PG's memories to protect her from the knowledge that her Universe and everyone she loved was gone.)

As Karen Starr, the Busty and Brainy hero began selling shares in her Computer Software Company StarrWare on the Stock Market. And sold the company for a small fortune soon after. With her civilian identity now public knowledge, she oversees the Starr Foundation, an organization intended to help orphaned "children who fall through the cracks" of the bureaucratic system (JSA #38).

In the limited series Kingdom Come, artist Alex Ross showed what Power Girl will look like in the future as Power Woman. She still retains her trademark cleavage (H-Cups), but as an older woman she is shown as more heavily muscled, more like a female bodybuilder, an approach which has been carried forward by some other artists since.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman all agreed to invite Power Girl to be a new member of the Justice League of America (JLA #1, 2006). In January 2007, Birds of Prey #100, she was also invited to rejoin Oracle's Birds of Prey, but refuses, saying that she would do so only "when Hell freezes over".

In 2006, the JSA series concluded with issue #87 and relaunched as Justice Society of America with Power Girl as the Chairwoman and Leader of the JSA from issue #4 through issue #33. Power Girl and various other members of the group then divided into two groups. As of JSA All-Stars #1, Power Girl is now part of the new superhero training team calling themselves All-Stars.

After over thirty years DC Comics has finally published the collection of ALL-STAR COMICS #58-67, plus the origin of the JSA from DC SPECIAL #29. The trade paperback JUSTICE SOCIETY VOL. 1 witnessed the continuing adventures of the Golden Age Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Wildcat and the rest as they were joined by younger heroes Robin, Power Girl, and the Star-Spangled Kid.

In 2005, Power Girl's Earth-Two origins as Superman's cousin and an alternate version of Supergirl have effectively been restored, as seen in 2005's JSA: Classified #1 through #4 by Geoff Johns, which were compiled into the trade paperback Power Girl (JSA). Also the new Supergirl Vol. 1: Power series deals with the origins of both Kara's. And the seven issues of the Infinite Crisis (DC Comics) series had a major impact on Power Girl. Thus the events of 2005/2006 in the DC universe greatly redefined the history and future of Power Girl.

In the last issue of 52, it is revealed that a new Multiverse has been formed, consisting of 52 parallel realities of Earth; among the parallel realities is Earth-2. Resulting from the supervillian Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on aspects of the pre-Crisis Earth-Two. The new Earth-2 includes a busty Power Girl and other Justice Society of America characters; a newspaper headline announces that the Superman and Power Girl of this world are missing. Grant Morrison says that this is a new multiverse, and it clearly has some alterations caused by Mister Mind. So isn't the same as the old Earth-Two and is called Earth-2 now. The Superman and Power Girl of that world are missing. (Note: in JSA Annual #1 - 2008, Power Girl is sent to this new Earth-2 by a god named Gog. She encounters some of her old JSA friends in a new group called Justice Society Infinity, and has a violent run in with Earth-2 Power Girl.)

Power Girl of New Earth, is Kara Zor-L, the last survivor of a Krypton that had existed in an alternate universe (Earth-Two) that was erased from history. And until otherwise proven, despite the new 52 parallel versions of Earth, and the version of her on Earth-2 with its similar history. PG is still the cousin to the Superman of the original Earth-Two universe. But since that universe didn't exist anymore, until recently the huge chested hero had no memory of it, nor did anyone else but the Psycho-Pirate and a few other super-beings. Somehow when her universe ended, she fell threw the cracks of time and space to arrive in a newly restructured universe that was very different from the one she knew. Before, she was faced with the possibility that she was an orphan from a destroyed world. Now, she had to not only deal with the fact that she was an orphan that had lost her family & world, but was also the only survivor of an entire universe. Thus is the ultimate lost girl trying to figure out where she fits in, and how to go on with a history she'd rather not know.

Following from the success of JSA Classified #1-4, as of 2009, the largest chested female hero in DC Comics, Power Girl was given her own self titled comic, called Power Girl that fleshed out her character and created a supporting cast for the popular, buxom female hero.

After 34 years, Power Girl finally was given the respect of having her own on-going series titled Power Girl. Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, with art by the talented Amanda Conner. Covers for the first two issues was drawn by Adam Hughes and Amanda Conner, the series started with Power Girl #1 in May 2009. Judd Winick took over writing responsibilities after the first year. The comic focused more attention on her personal life as Karen Starr, and establishing her ownership of a major technology company, Starrware Labs. She now has her own supporting cast, and own rogues gallery of villains. Issue #1 of PG's comic was the #1 selling female comic in DC Comics, and one of the top 25 comics overall. Only the critically acclaimed Buffy The Vampire Slayer had higher sales for a female hero in comic books. Power Girl has shown herself to be one of the most financially viable brands in comics, on par with Marvel Comics top female characters like Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk.

In a nutshell, Power Girl is a one-of-a-kind, big, brave, buxom, confident, intellectual, kind, loyal, moral, mature, powerful, sexy, strong, Super Woman... with anger-management issues.

(Note: Unless otherwise noted icons of Power Girl, were created by me from scans of comics or artist sketches/drawings from google search or fansites/dc forums. All such images belong to their respective owners & DC Comics. The model pics that I made into icons came from natural busty models like Ines Cudna from google image search and the following site: Busty.pl(Warning Adults Only Site) Vanessa Montagne icons made by me from pictures found at: VanessaMontagne.com(Warning Adults Only Site)

(Disclaimer: this is a fictional livejournal about the super busty DC Comics character Power Girl. DC Comics owns the character and all other characters in the DC Universe. This journal is for fun, and no infringement is intended. All DC Comics characters, concepts, and settings and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics - a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.(Time Warner) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

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